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You're Glowing

What does it mean to be “glowing”? We all want clear, radiant and glowing skin, don’t we? I define “glowing” to be a characteristic of the skin that shows signs of clarity, firm tone and elasticity, healthy pinch of color, and dewy appearance. Hard to pull this off? You bet!

But it is not impossible. When it comes to skin, it requires more than good intention but also careful and thoughtful planning on what you consume (remember, beauty is skin-deep) and put in your body, what you apply on your skin, and what you do with your skin. We need a constant supply of healthy and nutritious food coming from a well-balanced diet to ensure adequate intake of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, essential fatty acids, and macros (protein, carbohydrate, and fats). I personally avoid excessive amounts of sugar, salt, and refined carbs and focus as much as possible on whole foods. While it is not easy to choose from a plethora of skincare products, all touting to bring the best results, careful consideration must be given on what truly matters to you. I favor plant-based ingredients because I know they bring noticeable results, do not irritate my skin, feel luxurious to the senses as I apply the smooth texture and smell the beautiful fresh garden scent from essential oils, and are good for my health and the environment in general. I also believe that regular mechanical skin care routine at a professional medical spa, followed with maintenance at home using home devices, is all part of the skincare best practices.

People who knew me know that I don’t use facial soap or washes on my face. I have been using oil as a primary facial cleanser for 6 years now. At first, it felt weird and sticky, like I was adding more to the problem and creating skin eruptions. I use a blend of castor oil, grapeseed oil, and lavender and rosemary essential oils. After washing it off with lukewarm (never warm or hot) water, I remove the final traces of oil with a natural herbal toner. This is the best part of the ritual; my skin looks and feels simply stunning and gorgeously moist and dewy. And the smell is intoxicating. I could stop right here, but there is more to the ritual

Exfoliation is a must, at twice a week as a maximum. I use a triple acid (glycolic, lactic, and malic) peel and exfoliator rolled into one. First, I leave it on for 15 min and then scrub it off my face with water. When it comes to pamper time, I don’t take shortcuts. I go for the extra mile and leave on a thick layer of our ultra-nutritious and super-hydrating Hyper-Oxygen Bioflavonoid Mask for 30 min. Seriously sometimes I leave it on for 1 hour, just because it smells so good and so yummy! And I know it is super phyto-nutrient rich.

Once I have washed the mask off, then I luxuriate in our premium collection of serums that are carefully crafted with high-performance plant actives that target skin exfoliation, hyperpigmentation, cellular repair and rejuvenation, collagen and elastin formation, and skin renewal to reveal the fresher, newer, and youthful-looking skin. I start with Celestial Luminosity Serum to help brighten and even the tone of my skin, then once absorbed I put on the Gold Standard Serum to help fight fine lines and wrinkles, and finally the Superfood Phyto-Actives Serum to lock in the moisture and promote overall skin nourishment and protection. Serums are so highly concentrated that you only need 2-3 small drops to cover the entire face, using a pressing (not rubbing) motion.

Once everything is fully absorbed, I apply the Luscious Day Souffle to help seal the deal and protect my skin all day long. Sunscreen and makeup come on top of this. In the evening, I treat myself with another treatment with the Bio-Resurfacing Enzyme Cream. The potent enzymes from fermented pomegranate synergistically blended with plant stem cells, sea vegetables bioferment, niacinamide, organic rosehip seed oil, organic sulfur compounds and organics cocoa butter reinforce a cycle of breaking down the dead skin cells that are the culprit for dry, dull and flaky skin, revealing new skin that is softer, smoother and brighter, and transforming the skin to a “glowing” one.

I know, lots of steps, but believe me, you are worth it! And I’m not even done yet!

Professional skin treatments at reputable medical spa are must-haves. There are many options to choose from - from lasers to derma pen (with serum or blood plasma) to plasma pen to derma plane to microdermabrasion to hydra facials. Options are endless and innovation will only make these range of options even wider. I am not a fan of botox though, so let’s put that out of the menu of choices. To maintain, after professional treatments, I have my own collection of at-home devices that I use such as Tria (laser), BeautyBio (microneedle), PMD (microdermabrasion), Nuface (microcurrent), Derma Flash (derma planing), and jade rollers to keep the glow going. (At this point, I should remind you again, lots of steps and you’re worth it). I love the entire process and use our high-performance plant-based serums, creams and masks to turbo-charge skin glow to the max.

Achieving glowing skin starts from within and is supported by the products you apply on your skin and the practices you follow as part of the wholistic skin care ritual. It’s not overnight success, and it’s all part of the skin glow process.