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Boosting Collagen Is Important


Rich McCann is a rising star in the acting and modeling industry with highlights including music videos, television shows, and commercials. Rich has also partnered with numerous companies for social media campaigns, including Skin Beautiful Organics.

When Rich is not filming, he is focused on maintaining healthy skin with organic and natural products. His favorite product to use is the Skin Beautiful Organics Intelligent Skin Recovery Hyper-Serum, which helps boost collagen.

Rich also represented the @skinbeautifulorganics brand in GQ Magazine’s Holiday Ultimate Gift Guide campaign in Q1 2021.

In this post, Rich is holding the Transformative Stem Cell Elixir (As Featured in VOGUE and GQ Magazines). This elixir has been elevated to skincare superstardom due to its multi-faceted formulation consisting of proven skin-loving plant-based nutrients.

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