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Loving the Results of the Scrub

I’m Nita, a mumma who believes in self-care by taking few minutes everyday to work out, take care of my skin and hair, and put on some makeup, so that I feel ready to conquer my day and take care of my family in the best possible way.

I love the smell and feel of this scrub. It's amazing!"

The EverGlow Radiance Complex Scrub is a highly-concentrated pro-radiance plant-based nutrition that reveals your polished look and bright complexion. It contains advanced glow-boosting microfine scrub that provides gentle exfoliation while feeding your skin with botanical actives designed to restore skin health, clarity and tone. Encapsulating the scent of clementine orange, this scrub’s bright orange color is a blend of turmeric (curcumin’s golden yellow color), astaxanthin (carotenoid’s reddish pigment), and bearberry (red fruit pigment). This does not stain the skin.

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