Beautiful In Your Own Skin

We believe that beauty is skin-deep.

Why Skin Beautiful Organics?

The brand’s founder, Ethel Emmons, believes that there is a better way to skin care using the best quality plant-based ingredients that meet or exceed these criteria: show noticeable results, feel luxurious to the senses, and be non-toxic to the body and the environment.

Say “No” To Toxins.

Ethel has a very sensitive skin. Anything she puts on her skin reacts wildly, so her earlier experience with conventional and even with some natural and organic skincare products led her to swollen, red, and itchy skin, and sometimes to doctor visits for a shot of medicine to tame those undesirable symptoms. Her doctors advised her to stop applying these toxic ingredients that were causing her these skin aggravations, but she did not know her options at the time. She wished she could avail of skincare products that delivered results without the resulting inflammation.

As skin is the largest organ and serves as an important doorway to what enters our bloodstream and eventually affects our overall health, we need to be extra cautious of what we put on it. According to a report published by EWG (Environment Working Group), a non-profit and non-partisan organization dedicated to protecting human health and the environment, exposure to some chemicals and contaminants in cosmetics and personal care products has been linked to serious health problems, including cancer.

Crafting Beauty.

In 2007 Ethel started to dabble in the DIY homemade skincare for her own use at home, using only whole fruits, hydrosols, herbs, teas, carriers oils and essential oils. However, her work as an international expat and business traveler in Europe, Asia, and North America for one of the Top 5 Fortune 500 companies in the succeeding years did not allow her to fit going all natural in her busy schedule.

This year, as she comes home to the USA, she then embarks in a new journey to launch a new generation of beauty brand that is clean, natural and effective. Her brand aims to change the way we experience skin care by making us look and feel beautiful in our own skin.

The key principle to crafting beauty is inside-out. What we put on our skin must nourish us internally, so that we could wear the best skin ever, as glow and radiance come from within. Conventional products only mask the problem and create an artificial veil of illusion that disappears once they get washed off.

Learning the Science & the Business.

To deepen her understanding of how high-performance skin care formulation works beyond her kitchen, Ethel pursued formal studies and received her Certificate of Natural Skincare Formulation from the UK-based International School of Natural Skincare. She found her inspiration and passion from creating skincare products that are good for the body and kind to the environment. She created her first set of formulation project consisting of plant-based beauty cleansing oil and balm, moisturizing toner, repair serum, and anti-aging cream that pampered the senses and rejuvenated her skin. Her discovery of beautiful skin that is dewy, plump, super-hydrated, clear and smooth inspired her to bring this creation to the rest of the world. She further extended her studies to learn branding, manufacturing to scale, and building the business and earned her Diploma in Beauty Brand Business Management from Formula Botanica, world’s leading accredited school for organic cosmetic science based in the UK.

In order to turn her hope, inspiration and creativity to a reality, she decided to create Skin Beautiful Organics through which she could offer the best range of new skincare line, introducing in Fall 2020.

Changing the Skincare Experience.

Ethel’s passion is to change the way we experience skincare to one that shows noticeable results, feels luxurious to the senses, and is non-toxic to the body and the environment. Beautiful skin is a result of healthy lifestyle that includes mindful care and thought on what we put on our skin and inside our bodies.

For the introductory launch, she selected the best of the best in the form of high-performance serums and day and night creams using only the finest quality ingredients. The serums are a selection of highly potent and concentrated anhydrous, emulsion, and gel formats, serving as effective delivery mechanisms to promote clarity and luminosity, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and support skin rejuvenation. The day and night creams have white creamy color, lush texture, and luxurious glide on the skin. They contain a deck of plant-based powerhouses - antioxidants, flavonoids, omegas, phytosterols, carotenoids, phenolic, essential fatty acids, sea minerals, vitamins, polyphenols, amino acids, peptides, and pigments - that are crucial for skin resurfacing, repair, protection, and nourishment. The lovely scent comes from a variety of safe and non-toxic essential oils with fruity, floral and herbal top, middle and lower tones.

“Skin Beautiful Organics is a story of hope, inspiration, and creativity. Never in my wildest dreams would I have ever come up with something like this. When viable options for a problem do not exist, then you must create the solution. This is how we change the world.” - Ethel